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International Product Registration

If you are doing business internationally, the products that you're shipping into foreign countries have to be registered with government agencies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Industries or international government agencies, depending on your product.

What do we do?

We work with manufacturers, brand owners, and global distributors to register products with international government agencies to expedite the product registration process.

What is product registration?

Countries around the world need to protect their consumers from any products that are being imported. Of course, there's no one country that manufactures every product themselves, so importing various products is a necessity. Foreign governments need to make sure that all products that are imported are safe for consumption. One way make sure that these products meet the regulatory requirement of the importing country, is by making sure that every product that is imported is registered with the appropriate government institutions.

Why register your products?

Once your products have been registered you can ship them lawfully into the country that you are planning to do business with, without worrying if you shipment will clear customs. Failing to register your products correctly can result in delayed shipments, demurrages and business setbacks.

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