Export Documentation

Export Documentation

To say the export process involves complex regulatory requirements and an extensive learning curve is a gross understatement. To navigate this maze of export forms and rules, our Swiftdox export specialists help you understand the required documents and rules to register your products with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, or Ministry of Industries. Depending on the product and country where you ship your goods, you often need to meet varying registration requirements.

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Common Export Documentation Questions

With such a complicated system for every export shipment, anyone contemplating international shipments is bound to have questions. Swiftdox can give you answers and advice about common export documents.

Where Do You Begin?

Since the shipping documents required differ with every export sale and foreign market, the legal document requirements can seem overwhelming to someone only used to dealing with domestic shipments. Developing plans to ensure compliance with export regulations helps ensure customs clearance.

Many resources. including the International Trade Administration and other internet sites, can get you started with each individual document needed for a particular country.

Make Sure It's Legal To Ship Your Product to the Destination Country

When shipping goods from your U.S. business to another country, check any export controls that apply to this transaction. Determine if the item is on the Commerce Control List and has an Export Control Classification Number. If your product has an ECCN, you may need to apply for an export license.

After making sure you can ship your goods to the country where you made the sale, verify that your customer is trustworthy and not on the Denied Person's List of the Bureau of Industry and Security.

Finally, you need to determine how your client intends to use the product you are shipping. You do not want the item you sold used for an illegal purpose or passed on to someone on the Denied Person's List.

Checking multiple lists and rules for your export transaction takes time. Remember, however, that the United States, the European Union, and other countries have international trade regulatory requirements in place for assuring national security, keeping free trade agreements, enforcing arms regulations and border protection, and assessing customs duties.

Freight Forwarders Can Help With Export Shipments

An experienced freight forwarder can provide valuable go-between services for your business and the shipping company. Since freight forwarders know shipping methods and develop good relationships with shippers, they can find the best way to deliver goods to your foreign buyer with reasonable shipping terms.

Once you've packed the order and prepared the required shipping documents, you can turn everything over to the freight forwarder.

What's the Procedure for Export Documentation?

When you receive an inquiry from a prospective foreign client, provide a quote for the requested goods by issuing a pro forma invoice. More detailed than most commercial invoices, this document replaces that quote you send stateside customers and provides information your prospect may need to obtain financing or a license for importing goods.

If the customer responds with a purchase order, you can start the export documentation process.

What Documents Do You Need for Export?

Whenever you engage in an international sale, you can be sure the U.S. and the importing country each have conforming document needs. These shipping documents vary with the product and the country where it's headed. In addition to an export license, if needed, several common export documents are often required.

Final Commercial Invoice

Much like the pro forma document used for your quote, this detailed commercial invoice lists quantities, comprehensive descriptions, weights, market values, and insurance and shipping costs. Customs authorities use this to calculate import duties.

Export Packing List

Many countries require a packing list, and this document should include more details than your standard domestic packing list. Include the type of shipping container for each item, and make sure the product descriptions, quantities, weights, and measurements match the commercial invoice exactly, or your shipment may be delayed.

Electronic Export Information

You must file this online form with the U.S. Census Bureau if your product requires an export license, or your shipment value is over $2,500. Use the Automated Export System to file the EEI online without charge.

Other Documents

Depending on your product and the destination country, you may have to meet other document requirements that control imports. If your export involves an ocean shipment, you may need a shipper's letter, straight bill of lading, ocean bill of lading, or shipper's order bill of lading. Other export documents may include a Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sale, or letter of credit.

Do You Know the Documents Needed To Register Your Product in a Foreign Country?

Knowing which documents are required for registration is a daunting task by itself, but knowing where to source them in the country of origin is a monumental challenge. You can typically waste time and spend extra money putting the correct documents together.

Does Your Responsibility End After You've Obtained the Required Documents From the Right Agencies?

Absolutely not! Your documents still require certification by different government agencies, depending on where you export products.

We Guide Your Company To Source the Correct Set of Documents from Appropriate Agencies To Streamline the Entire Process in a Timely Manner

We change your export documentation experience from frustration to confidence. When you use our Swiftdox online platform, you receive secure, tamper-proof, and compliant customs clearance documents and certificates for acceptance by foreign customs officials. Our regulatory specialists are accessible 24/7 to help with every important document you may need.

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