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Ask any exporter in the United States about the process of certification. You're sure to hear a big sigh.

We specialize in guiding you through export documentation, regulatory guidance, document legalization, apostille and embassy legalization.

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Welcome to the Maze of Export Documentation.

So, here you are.

You've worked hard and created the hottest new product. Your product is a hit here in the USA; you know it's going to perform well in the global market. Ready to start exporting?

Fasten your seatbelts... There's a LOT of paperwork in your future.

For any small to medium size company who is planning to export products internationally, you will require a very specific set of export documents, which, based on the type of product as well as the destination country, could be any one of thousands of combinations! On top of the general legal requirements, some importers have their own specific set of rules.

Don't Panic!

Although getting the correct documents for international export can seem insurmountable, it is manageable. Throughout this article, we'll help you learn the basics of export documentation, product registration, and legalization.

If you're not sure where to start, click here to learn about the most common export certificates you'll need to aquire.

Export Documentation

Export Documentation

We can guide your company to source the correct set of documents from the right agencies so that the entire process can be streamlined in a timely manner.

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Product Registration

International Product Registration

If you are doing business internationally, the products that you're shipping into foreign countries have to be registered with various government agencies, depending on your product. Do you know which ones?

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Document Authentication

Document Authentication

We manage the full document authentication process for you and provide visibility into the process, so you can give your team real-time updates.

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