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Document Authentication

We manage the full document authentication process for you and provide visibility into the process, so you can give your team real-time updates.

What is document authentication?

If your business engages in international sale of products in the biopharmaceutical, agricultural, food, cosmetics or similar industry, you are required to meet a variety of regulatory measures including successful authentication of documents necessary for doing business.

Document authentication ensures products crossing country borders are safe and legitimate and meet the standards of sale.

What documents need authentication?

  • Legal Documents: Agreements, Patents, Trademarks and other corporate legal documents.
  • Regulatory Documents: Certificates of Free Sales, GMP and quality Certificates, inspection certificates and other regulatory documents.
  • Commercial Documents: Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Food Quality Certificates

How are my documents authenticated?

You send us the documents by mail or electronically and on the documents, we get the necessary certifications from various Government Agencies and Chambers of Commerce depending on the country of use.

Document authentication ensures products crossing country borders are safe and meet the standards of sale.

How does it work?


Speak with an Fast Track specialist. We take the time to understand your company needs.


Ready to move forward? Submit your CPP, CFG, FSC, GMP and more.


We take it from here. Fast Track determines your specific documentation upon receipt.


Apostille process and Embassy legalization.


Using our unique platform, we expidite your document through the State Dept. and embassies.


You can track and analyze your document using your personal portal.


Done! Your authenticated document is returned.

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